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A Doughboys War: Letters Home
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One hundred years ago on April 28, 1917, 25-year old Thomas D. Lindholtz enlisted in the US Army for service in World War I. The War had begun in Europe in 1914, but America did not enter the conflict until 1917. During his 13 months of service he wrote over 60 letters home to his parents and sister. Those letters, which provide a window back in time to life in America, the Army, and a particular family, are set in the context of what was going on in the world and in American society at the time. Then, as now, when a soldier leaves home his family's life doesn't stop. Now, a GI in the Middle East can Facetime with his family at home to deal with issues or express his love. In WWI the soldier had to use a slow, trans-Atlantic mail system by ship. But it turns out that the experience of a soldier 100 years ago informs our understanding of soldiers today.

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