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The Girl with the Louding Voice (eBook, ePUB)
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All you have are your words.THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA TODAY SHOW BOOK CLUB PICKAN OBSERVER HOTTEST TIPPED DEBUT NOVELIST OF 2020A RED MAGAZINE CAN'T WAIT TO READ BOOK OF 2020A BBC CONTEMPORARY FICTION BOOK OF 2020A STYLIST BEST BOOK OF 2020A NEW YORK TIMES 14 NEW BOOKS TO WATCH FOR IN FEBRUARY'A stunning novel - original, beautiful and powerful' ROSAMUND LUPTONAdunni is a fourteen-year-old Nigerian girl who knows what she wants: an education. As the only daughter of a broke father, she is a valuable commodity. Removed from school and sold as a third wife to an old man, Adunni's life amounts to this: four goats, two bags of rice, some chickens and a new TV. When unspeakable tragedy swiftly strikes in her new home, she is secretly sold as a domestic servant to a household in the wealthy enclaves of Lagos, where no one will talk about the strange disappearance of her predecessor, Rebecca. No one but Adunni... As a yielding daughter, a subservient wife, and a powerless servant, fourteen-year-old Adunni is repeatedly told that she is nothing. But Adunni won't be silenced. She is determined to find her voice - in a whisper, in song, in broken English - until she can speak for herself, for the girls like Rebecca who came before, and for all the girls who will follow. THE GIRL WITH THE LOUDING VOICE:'Compulsive reading' IRISH TATLER'A true original, this will open your eyes' COSMOPOLITAN'A courageous story of a woman asserting her own voice' NEW YORK TIMES'An unforgettable novel' JEANINE CUMMINS, AUTHOR OF AMERICAN DIRT'Fearless . . . a celebration of girls who dare to dream and those who help them unfurl their wings so they might soar' IMBOLO MBUE'2020 [is] a dazzling year for debut novelists . . . This 2018 Bath Novel Award winner takes a long, hard look at modern slavery through the eyes of 14-year-old Adunni' VOGUE, Five award-winning debuts to watch out for in 2020'The story of one remarkable girl's quest to overcome tragedy and oppression, and to speak for herself' DAILY MAIL, 2020 Top Picks'Captivated me, astonished me and, more than once, broke my heart' TARA CONKLIN

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