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Fairer Than Any: Christian Mail-Order Bride Ser...
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A sweet historical western romance: Daisy Weathers travels to Texas as a mail order bride. The would-be groom takes one look at her scarred face and walks away without her knowing. Finding out she’d been jilted, Daisy is humiliated and despondent. There would be no second chance wedding for her.Sterling, a handsome cowboy is rolled out of the back of a wagon and left. He’s been injured and now it’s life or death. Since the end of the Civil war he’s been busy trying to keep his outlaw brother from hanging. Now when it’s almost too late he wishes he had found a wife, settled down and had children.In this historical christian mail-order bride novel, Daisy is penniless and works to help Sterling heal. Trouble finds her which sends them both on a journey of the heart, doubts, mishaps, and realization.This is the sixth book of the Mail Order Brides of Sweet Water Series by award winning, best-selling, Amazon all-star author, Kathleen Ball.Don’t miss the other american historical western romance books in this series:Tattered HeartShattered TrustGlory’s GroomBattered SoulsFaltered BeginingsFairer Than Any 1. Language: English. Narrator: Hannah Fisher. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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