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The exciting adventures that slipped through the pages of history about Black Cowboys, Pioneers, Soldiers and Mountain Men are resurrected in Once Upon a Time in the Black West, a collection of beautifully woven short stories authored by Dr. Robert H. Miller. When you read along with the Old Cowboy narrating his adventures with his trusty canine companion Sundown, you’ll be drawn back into a different place and era.When the Old Cowboy speaks in a jargon that reflects his western heritage, you’ll root for the likes of Nat Love. At the tender age of fifteen in 1869, he rode into Dodge City Kansas in its heyday and was enamored at his first glimpse of cowboys and decided he wouldn’t be anything in life other than this. Again, there is an interesting story about how a young man of nineteen, half Cherokee-Indian and half African-American turned to a life of crimes. He watched his Native American family gets swallowed up by America’s expansion into the West. After attending the Carlisle School for Indians in Pennsylvania, young Crawford changed his name to “Cherokee Bill.” And the last story in this enthralling volume, the legend of “stagecoach” Mary Fields.“After growing up on a plantation with her childhood friend, they reconnected thirty years later and she got Mary a job as a stagecoach driver carrying the United States mail. This is the first volume of many more thrilling stories to come in Once Upon a Time in the Black West. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Robert H. Miller. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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